Colonics and Colon Cleansing Services

Colon Cleansing to Support Your Overall Health

Be proactive in restoring your colon health with the help of Natural Wellness With Nurse April. Our I-ACT-certified colon hydrotherapist specializes in colonics and coffee enema colonics that help remove waste and boost your body’s immune system.

It’s normal to feel nervous before yourfirst colonic session. Our goal at Natural Wellness With Nurse April is to make you feel completely comfortable.

We’ll explain each of our services in detail to help introduce you to the process. We also use a closed system, where our therapist stays in the room the entire time.

All colonics performed at Natural Wellness with Nurse April are performed by a nurse with over 20 years of experience. Call us today to learn more or to schedule your colon health service.

Colon Health Services We Specialize In

​​Colonoscopy Prep

This service requires you to have a colonic 36 hours and 24 hours prior to your colonoscopy. There are no guarantees made, as some people with chronic constipation can require more than just two colonics. Drink PLENTY of water beforehand!

Coffee Enema Colonics

If you want to provide your body with an incredible removal of waste and debris from the liver and gallbladder, adding coffee to your colon hydrotherapy session may be for you.