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I graduated from nursing school in 2002 with a bachelor of science in nursing. I’ve enjoyed my nursing journey so much, but I’ve always wanted more. I’ve always questioned so many things… I’m a thinker.

Fast forward many years later, and my journey begins with ALL the questions and the wanting to just know more. Why? Why? Why? I knew that other opportunities exist that can help you live a better life. Is there a reason to be on medications for most of our lives? What’s a better alternative? What about lifestyle and preventative measures?

My motto is there’s always a healthier alternative to any choice. I want to teach people about those alternatives.

Education is key. I decided to educate myself as much as possible through my own extensive research and now with my three official certifications. I’m a certified natural healthcare consultant, a certified dietary supplement specialist, and an I-ACT-certified colon hydrotherapist.

After discovering that my father-in-law was diagnosed with stage III colorectal cancer, I decided to delve into that subject. Through the support of natural protocols and immunotherapy, we were able to heal him completely in 14 months! We decided to forgo chemotherapy, surgery, and radiation. By the grace of God, lifestyle changes, and other natural protocols, there is ZERO evidence of cancer in his body.

This is when I started to delve into the importance of colon health. And here I am. Armed with all the tools to help better serve my community with REAL health and wellness.

I want to teach others how this can be achieved. I’m here to help. Let me know how I can help you and your family live healthier and more fulfilled lives.


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